Friday, November 6, 2009

Still alive

At last, I’m back. I’m absorbing of all your blogs but can’t seem to find a little time to write something. I also asked myself some questions; who is interested in reading about my life, the things I do and the things I care about? But, today I had a 30-minute session with an aura-reader at work (this week is ‘the week of your career’ and we can have sessions with aura-readers, coaches etc.) and the things she said gave me some food for thought and I discovered that I really don’t mind if there is only 1 person who reads my blog. Even if no one reads it, I just like to write about all things I care about whenever I feel the need. In the first place I’m writing this for me. I also love to read your blogs to taste a little of all of your lives all over the world. The similarities and differences in live, the way you live and love, about your jobs, what you eat etc. Sometimes so different, sometimes so much the same……

In October my very best friend Wilma and me visited the ‘Handwerkbeurs’ (handicrafts fair) in Rotterdam. We loved it! We had enough time to catch up during our trip by train and did some knitting too. I met so many lovely people who are so devoted to their jobs (dying, spinning or just selling yarn). Even met some ravelry friends from abroad. My stash almost reaches ceiling but I’m happy with everyting I bought. I bought some handdyed mohair and already knitted 4 tams and 1 cowl. I felted the tams and they are so soft. I’m making 2 out of each color (a total of 6) so I can add some tams to my stash of birthday/Christmas presents.

I bought a little book about knitting toe up and started my first pair of toe up socks ever. Still feels strange...........

Some lovely Colinette sock yarn (you can never have to much sock yarn :D)

The most exquisite lace yarn (a blend of baby alpaca, cashmir and tussah silk. So soft! Bought by 'Storm op zolder' (Storm in the attic).

I also bought a new skein of Evilla lace yarn

Finished my Tesserae socks

And started another Gail for my sisters birthday which is on november the 18th so I what to do for the next two weeks.

I'm in a good mood because my weekend starts in about 3 hours and I'm longing for some me time!

Have a nice weekend and happy knitting!!!



  1. Prachtige garens allemaal. En bloggen doe je natuurlijk voor jezelf maar reacties krijgen maakt het allemaal net een beetje leuker! Een tip: reageer bij anderen, sommigen (of de meesten) zullen jouw blog dan ook bezoeken en wellicht een reactie plaatsen en vaker terug komen.

  2. Jouw blog stond al bij mijn favorieten! Veel mensen lezen blogs zonder er op te reageren, vaak door tijdsgebrek. Dat moet uit een teller af te leiden zijn...

  3. Wat voor werk doe je dat je daar naar een aura-reader mag!? Geweldig zeg! En inspirerend zo te lezen.
    Doorgaan dus maar.
    Leuke titel by the way............die chocolade zal ik maar vergeten, niet zo goed voor mijn cholesterol.