Monday, July 13, 2009

What happened to June?

What happened? Where did this month go? It's July already and I didn't even notice that June had gone by so quickly! I'm in the middle of the last weeks before summer recess (actually summer recess just began but I'm still trying to finish my work so I can start with a clean slate next school year). But, thursday will be my last day and then I've got 5 weeks ahead to do whatever I want! I'm working at the IT department of a University of Applied Sciences and Johan is working on a school for children with special needs (autism, adhd). He especially needs his 7 weeks off summer recess. He loves to work with those kids but it sucks out all of your energy. Some people think it's a luxury to have such a long summer recess and being a teacher is an easy job but sometimes he really really needs this time off.

What's new on the knitting front? I finished my Kiri.....

and gave it away as a present to my good friend Bernadette (a going away gift, she found a new job)

..... bought some new stuff that I really needed :D. Such as a wool winder, some new knitpick circular needles (Knitpro in Europe) and some handdyed sockyarn at Wolboerderij 't Kluwenest

I really love the knitpick needles, normally I use Addi needles but the cables of the Knitpicks are extremely flexible!

I also learned myself to knit the continental style. I learned to knit when I was 5 years old and learned the English (or throwing) knitting style. It's hard in the beginning, like riding a bike backwards after 35 year of doing it forwards. But I succeeded and the days of aching shoulders are over.

Last saturday I went to 'De Klosse' and bought some very soft and gorgeous mohair of their own goats in pink and a soft grey (sorry, no pictures yet) and I started a new lace shawl with the pink mohair, the beautiful Gail. I hope to finish that one next week so I can cast on the Percy next.

Next week we will arrive in the south of France and stay there for about 3 weeks. I am now trying to sort out which yarn I shall bring with me and there are now 2 plastic bags loaded with yarn and I'm trying to reduce them to 1! I also can't decide which socks to knit!! Aargh, choices, choices......:D Maybe I can add some beautiful yarn to my stash in France but I really don't know any lys in the area we are staying. I'm so ready for this holiday, the heat, the smell, the colours of France! We have Wifi on the campsite we are staying so maybe I will do some blogging over there to show my finished Gail :D

For all of you, happy knitting and happy holiday!!!