Sunday, September 13, 2009

They arrived!!!

Friday afternoon I found a note in my mailbox from the mailman telling me to pick up something from our local postoffice. I drove as fast as my little car allows to pick it up, what else could it be than this package I was waiting for!!! It was a very small box, hmm but I took it to my car and ripped of the wrapping immediately and when I opened it, it was like Pandora's box. I found 6 skeins of the smoothest merino I have ever touched before. They are so tremendously soft and the colours, although a little different than shown on the pictures, are so beautiful. I love them big time and I'm definitively gonna buy more. They were also delivered 2 weeks earlier than expected. No problem to me :D. I bought them at 100 pure wool in Uruguay.

May I present?! (not the best picture ever, taken in a hurry but you can still see the beautiful colours). The first four are a single-ply lace yarn and the last two are single-ply fingering. I bought the fingering for socks but they are way to beautiful to end up in my boots! Don't know what to make of them now, any suggestions?

Last week, as soon it was available, I bought the beautiful new pattern of Anne Hansen for a splendid shawl, the Nightingale wing. I'm using the following skein for it and it knits like a dream!

A few weeks ago I bought myself an Interchangeable Nickel plated circular needle set, Knitpicks of course! I know use them all the time, superb!!! Last week I made a little yarn trip with my friend Wilma. We visited Petra again at 't Kluwenest, I bought another handdyed sock yarn.....

...... also some extra needles for my interchangeable set. It's always a pleasure to visit Petra, looking around over a nice cup of tea (coffee), talking yarn.

After that we went to Rosa (pottery and woolfarm de klosse). It's so much fun to see my future skein walking in the fields near the farm :D...

She dyed some beautiful single-ply mohair (lace weight) in a nice grayish black.

And now the only thing I need is time to knit! Please tell me where I can buy that!


Happy knitting!


  1. Mooie garens! Ik vind het ook heel moeilijk om te bepalen wat te breien van enkele strengen garen. Voorlopig probeer ik dus geen kleine hoeveelheden garen meer te kopen want op een gegeven moment heb je wel genoeg sjaals, kolletjes, handschoenen etc. Ik heb sowieso een koop-verbod want mijn stash puilt als het ware uit...

  2. I am so in love with that purple Handgeverfd sock yarn!

  3. That sure is a box of gorgeous yarn!! ENjoy!!

  4. Oef weer hele mooie wol. Genieten! Ik ga maar niet op de wolsite kijken;-)

  5. How exciting it is to have a box full of yarn arrive in the mail. The colors are gorgeous.
    Have fun with them. I'm a big fan of Knitpicks needles also.