Sunday, June 7, 2009


Almost summer but it's really cold and at the moment it's pouring. This afternoon we went for a little walk in the woods nearby but beside that (and doing our weekly shopping) I haven't been outside much this weekend.

What else could I do than start a new knitting project? I'm making a 'Kiri' shawl for my good friend Bernadette. I want to give it to her on the 3th of july so that gives me plenty of time to finish it and do some sock knitting at the same time. I'm using the Evilla lace yarn in dark purple and I think this works out quite beautiful (but it's always hard to see when a shawl is not blocked yet)

And now it's sunday evening again, the weekend is almost over and that means getting up at 6 tomorrow and getting back to work for another week. But, I'm counting the weeks till summer recess. Only 6 weeks to go and then have 5 whole weeks to knit, read, sleep and do whatever I want!

Happy knitting!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Knitting club

Last night I met a few of the members of our little knitting club. My throat is still soar...... we talked so much and I knitted..........uh, not even 1 stitch! I was busy using the ball winder that Ineke brought for me and made these beauties

Especially for co-knitter Corien; a picture of the table I made with the circular saw I got for my last birthday. Try not to see all the clutter and building materials! Dimensions 2.60mx0.9mx0.78m and made out of old roof-beams

Thanks again Ina for inviting us! I had a lovely evening!

Happy knitting!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Working days are here again

This is where I spent most of my time during weekdays, working very very hard :D

dreaming about these new yarns and trying to decide which pattern to use for my next pair of socks (Yarn - Trekking Hand Art Trinidad) Any suggestions?

I also bought some new lace yarn, Evilla single-ply lace yarn in a very dark purple and a natural brown one. The purple one I'm using for a present for my good friend and ex-colleague Bernadette. It's gonna be her good-bye present and I have to finish it before july 3rd. I need to cast on straight away but I just can't seem to decide which pattern to use! Help!

Last february I followed a workshop at 'De wolmand' for advanced sock knitting. Tonight I'm meeting the co-sock knitting addicts I met there and we are trying to meet once a month. The whole evening talking about yarns, patterns and knitting! So much fun...

Happy kniting!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Seven weeks

Only 7 weeks and then we will leave for another holiday in my beloved France! We will stay in a little village called Vernet les Bains and it is situated in the 'Pyrenées Oriental' near the Spanish border. It is so perfect, near sea and mountains, charming little villages, cold at night and very hot in daytime! I just love it there! I'm longing for a visit at the local market early in the morning when it's not that hot...............

And I am all out of that beautiful french soap 'Savon de Marseille'. I can buy them here but it is so much more fun to get them from far :D

Don't you love those beautiful colours? I wish I had sock yarn in those colours.......

Meet my live stock

These two cuties are Harry and Max. Harry is the black and white one and the other one is Max. Harry is a real hunter and lives outside most of the time. Max is inside the house most of the time and snuggles up to me when I'm knitting.

Whit monday

From now on I will try to write my blog messages in English, ouch!!! English wasn't my favourite subject in school so it will be hard, very hard! Please correct me where I'm wrong, don't hesitate and teach me! Why am I still doing this when it's giving me such a hard time? I love to read blogs from all over the world and realized that hardly anyone could read mine. So I will give it a try.

It's been quite a while since I wrote my last message. I read blogs every day but can't seem to find the time to write myself because I'm to busy reading and knitting, no proper pictures to go with the messages etc etc, always an excuse.....But I will try harder from now on.

It's Whit monday today and that means another lazy day in the sun, do some blogging, some knitting and just enjoying not doing the things that I should do (housekeeping, ironing, yuck!)

What have I been doing since Easter? Knitted socks! Pattern 'Koffieboontje', yarn Online 4-ply. The pattern is very stretchy so they fit perfectly. This pair is completed :D

Knitted another pair in pattern 'Schulpjessok', also finished!

Made my first 'Monkey' sock, still 1 left to do....... Yarn; Trekking hand art 'Kiruna', just love the colours!

My mother turned 64 on may 20 and I knitted my first lace shawl as a present. I started on may 13 so I had to do it in 1 week! It was quite a challenge but I succeeded. I used a lovely Kauni yarn which I bought at Astrid's Dutch Obessions. Astrid sells the most exquisite yarns! The pattern is 'Adamas shawl'

Knitted a another pair in pattern 'Koffieboontje' for a 2-year old with a left leftover of my 'schulpjessocks'.....

I needed a carrying case for all my needles so I made it myself. Quite simple but I just love it....



At this moment I'm knitting socks for my brother in law, he wanted some new ones to wear in his clogs/wooden shoes. The pattern is quite simple, knit 2, purl 2 etc. but the it works well with the yarn, Trekking Jeans Collection.

Sometimes I wonder how I can manage to do all this and still work for 36 hours a week! During the day I work at an IT-department of a University of Applied Sciences and in the evening I knit, some strange combination dont't you think?

Today we also made a little biketrip to Blokzijl. We live in a rural setting and on the way to Blokzijl we saw this Stork on his nest.

Happy knitting!