Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Last weekend I visited my LYS and got a few mini skeins as a present. Aren't they adorable? Only 12 gram each and just about enough to make a nice leftover bookmark 'Piccola' from Yarnissima. Now I have doubts about using the other mini skeins because they are so cute!

Monday, February 1, 2010

I'm spinning around , move out of my way ................

I started knitting only 1 year ago and I really thought that I would never try spinning my own yarn. My mother did spin her own yarn about 30 years ago and made us awfully, itchy sweaters. I hated them and I could not get rid of feeling that spinning yarn was only for people in the alternative society. But, after knitting one year I began to understand the love for all kinds of wool, the feeling of it, the smell, the softness of the fibers and slowly I surrendered.

Last friday I went to Jeanet Koek for a 1-day workshop and I loved it. She told me all about spinning wheels, learned me how to spin, we made some bats together with a drumcarder and I just had a lovely day. I bought a second hand Lou√ęt (a Dutch brand) spinning wheel from Jeanet but I also spun on an Ashford wheel and I loved it. I promised myself that I can buy myself a new one after one year of practising on the second hand one.

It's a really bad picture but I will replace it later:

My very first meters of yarn, ugh :D but it's mine!

And the merino batts I made on the drumcarder.

I really, really loved it! Thanks Jeanet for a lovely day and you will see me back again to learn more about spinning and dyeing untill I can make my own sock yarn!