Sunday, June 7, 2009


Almost summer but it's really cold and at the moment it's pouring. This afternoon we went for a little walk in the woods nearby but beside that (and doing our weekly shopping) I haven't been outside much this weekend.

What else could I do than start a new knitting project? I'm making a 'Kiri' shawl for my good friend Bernadette. I want to give it to her on the 3th of july so that gives me plenty of time to finish it and do some sock knitting at the same time. I'm using the Evilla lace yarn in dark purple and I think this works out quite beautiful (but it's always hard to see when a shawl is not blocked yet)

And now it's sunday evening again, the weekend is almost over and that means getting up at 6 tomorrow and getting back to work for another week. But, I'm counting the weeks till summer recess. Only 6 weeks to go and then have 5 whole weeks to knit, read, sleep and do whatever I want!

Happy knitting!


  1. thank you for the fave on Ravelry. Your work is quite lovely and your English is excellent! I am so impressed that you are blogging in a language that is not native to you. I am adding you to my blog roll.

  2. I believe that your shawl will be lovely when finished. I love all of your knitted socks.
    You are a very skilled knitter.
    Happy knitting.