Monday, February 1, 2010

I'm spinning around , move out of my way ................

I started knitting only 1 year ago and I really thought that I would never try spinning my own yarn. My mother did spin her own yarn about 30 years ago and made us awfully, itchy sweaters. I hated them and I could not get rid of feeling that spinning yarn was only for people in the alternative society. But, after knitting one year I began to understand the love for all kinds of wool, the feeling of it, the smell, the softness of the fibers and slowly I surrendered.

Last friday I went to Jeanet Koek for a 1-day workshop and I loved it. She told me all about spinning wheels, learned me how to spin, we made some bats together with a drumcarder and I just had a lovely day. I bought a second hand Louët (a Dutch brand) spinning wheel from Jeanet but I also spun on an Ashford wheel and I loved it. I promised myself that I can buy myself a new one after one year of practising on the second hand one.

It's a really bad picture but I will replace it later:

My very first meters of yarn, ugh :D but it's mine!

And the merino batts I made on the drumcarder.

I really, really loved it! Thanks Jeanet for a lovely day and you will see me back again to learn more about spinning and dyeing untill I can make my own sock yarn!


  1. Yay, another new spinner! It turned out pretty well for your first! Pretty batts too!

  2. Hello Sylvia...thank you for commenting on my blog. Welcome to spinning! I don't even buy yarn anymore, instead I make it myself:)
    Nice that you are in the of my favourite places.

  3. I didn't realize Louet was from your part of the world! Have fun spinning...I have not tried doing that yet.

  4. Dat ziet er al goed uit! Spinnen is erg leuk en ontspannen. Alhoewel ik echt nog een beginneling ben, binnenkort krijg ik ook nog een keer echt les, nu probeer ik maar wat;), ik vind het ook erg leuk om te doen.
    Succes met het spinnen!

    groetjes, Martine

  5. Ik vind het niet zo gek uitzien hoor voor een eerst spinsel. De merino is prachtig!

  6. Ik had hier al wat geschreven, maar waar het gebleven is ... :(
    Dat ziet er al goed uit wat je gesponnen hebt!
    Veel oefenen en je spint ook je eigen sokgaren!
    Sokken uit eigen gesponnen wol zijn nog veeeeeel leuker om te breien. De sokken uit mijn handgesponnen garen was ik gewoon in de wasmachine en slijten ook niet harder dan andere tot nu toe.
    Groetjes, Sabine

  7. Kom ik zomaar mijn eigen spinnewiel tegen :-)
    Leuk te zien dat er nog meer mensen spinnen, ik was al bang dat ik nog de enige was :-)

  8. Creating your own yarn is so much fun! I love to knit with my handspun more than commercial yarns :-)