Sunday, August 23, 2009

Back home, back to work

The days of laziness are over, the days of doing whatever I want, whenever I wanted to or doing nothing at all. Back to real life and back to work. But, I enjoyed this summer, the five weeks of travelling, knitting, reading, drinking wine with friends (lots of wine :D ), the murderous heat in the south of France.

The view from our campsite..........

Beautiful little villages...........

The cutest little shops................

We visited the 'Pont du Gard' ...............

So typically French, a beautiful and very old olive tree.........

And of course I did some knitting! For example, the Gail I made for myself. I used a beautiful mohair I bought from Rosa Hultink . The yarn is made from the wool of their own angora goats. It is so soft and warm!

A pair of socks for my very best friend Wilma who looked after my cats while we were in France! The yarn is a Trekking hand art and she loved it so much when she saw it a few weeks ago that I immediately decided that this one should be hers. These where made during the 4000 km drive whe made! The pattern I found in a very old knitting book.

Knitted another pair, Osnabrücker muster socks, for myself . A lovely handdyed yarn in lilac I bought by Petra

Yesterday I started a pair of Leaf remains. I loved the pattern so much I almost started immediately after the pattern was added on ravelry. They will take a while because of all the back loop knits etc. but they are worth every hour!

And I also started a pair of quite simple socks, the Tesserae, to have something to knit while I watch tv......This yarn is also a handdyed of Petra.

And now, after five beautiful weeks it's back to normal life. Tomorrow it's back to school, reading loads of emails, catching up with colleagues (some I haven't seen for about 8 weeks!). Although it's still very warm, it feels like the end of summer........

Happy knitting!!!



  1. Your trip pictures are great. Thanks so much for sharing them.
    I love your knitting. Your shawl looks so soft and warm. Great job.

  2. Prachtige foto's van je vakantie. Wat is het daar mooi!
    Dank je wel voor je reactie op mijn weblog. Heftig inderdaad om je zoon elke dag op de brommer te moeten laten gaan, over loslaten gesproken... Maar we moeten er als moeders (en vaders denk ik ook) er toch door heen, we kunnen ze niet constant bij ons houden.

    Volgens mij wonen wij niet zo heel ver bij elkaar vandaan. Dat wil zeggen ik woon in Drenthe, niet ver van Steenwijk. Ik zag je woonplaats op Ravelry staan.

  3. Welcome back!! I just love all your travel pictures!! So pretty! And the socks...all gorgeous!